Portsmouth and Exeter, NH—January 29, 2016—Serving more than 700 youth annually throughout the NH Seacoast and southern Maine, New Heights continues to develop new programs for area youth. Citing new offerings ranging from computer coding to building projects involving skis and snowboards, Executive Director Tracey Tucker said the key to New Heights’ longstanding success rests on its organizational knowledge.

“We have some staff that have been here the better part of 15 to 20 years,” said Tucker. “They continue to receive training in best practices regarding youth development programs and push the envelope. No teen just ‘hangs’ out here.”

According to Assistant Director Meghan Rice, New Heights has particularly focused on programs based on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). In developing such programs in coordination with area schools, Rice said New Heights serves an increasingly important function in the community.

“We complement what schools are doing in the classroom,” she added. “In some cases, we actually are in the classroom alongside teachers.”

In addition to numerous adventure and STEM programs this spring, New Heights will offer GirlTalk! (a discussion based group for 5th grade girls) and art programs.

New Heights charges program fees, but offers need-based scholarships and the equipment necessary to participate. To register or learn more about New Heights’ school-year program, visit www.newheightsonline.org, or call (603) 422-8235.

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December 29th, 2016

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Seacoast, NH—March 25, 2016—Bringing in experts from across southern New Hampshire, New Heights’ next In the Know panel discussion, The Adolescent Brain: Words, Actions, and Habits—Communicating with your Developing In the KnowAdolescent, will focus on adolescents and the family dynamic. Citing social media as just one factor that often “trips up” many parents, New Heights Executive Director Tracey Tucker said the discussion will provide tools and strategies that will benefit any caregiver.

“Parents today are navigating a world that is substantially different than the one in which they grew up,” she said. “This discussion will get right to issues that cause great concern for parents.”

Sponsored by Whole Life Health Care in Newington, the event will take place from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm on Thursday, March 31 at the Portsmouth Public Library and on Thursday, April 7 at Exeter Town Hall. At the discussions, speakers will respond to questions developed beforehand. Examples of the questions include:

• What are some of the most prevalent reasons communication between parents and adolescents erodes?
• Our childhood bond seems to have evaporated—where did my child go?
• Why does my child choose his fickle friends?
• What can we do to lay groundwork for future communication with my 10-year-old?
• When did I become the enemy?

One of several speakers at the Exeter discussion, Dr. Laura Rubin, founder of the Portsmouth Neuropsychology Center, will discuss how brain developments during adolescence impact “decision making, family and peer relationships, sense of self, and overall emotional well-being.”

“I’m excited to share with the community the latest research in adolescent development which can be used to better understand this critical developmental period and improve family relationships,” said Rubin, who will speak at the Exeter discussion.

At the Portsmouth discussion, Lindsey Ewald, education coordinator at Chase Home, will touch on several topics related to communication with developing adolescents, including appropriate boundaries, respecting privacy when appropriate, trying not to emotionally respond, and clear rules.

“I’ll also discuss appropriate consequences—positive or negative—and explaining choices and educating teens about the results of those choices, and normalizing teens’ difficulties with emotional regulation,” she added.

In sponsoring the series since its inception, Bob Girard at Whole Life Health Care said it is their belief that New Heights helps fill an important role in the community.

“We believe in their programs, their investment in the youth of our community, their staff, and the programs they provide—this series is just one example of their continued efforts at educating the community,” he said.

There is no cost to attend either panel discussion, which will include refreshments. For more information, visit www.newheightsonline.org, or contact bpawling@newheightsonline.org.

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December 25th, 2016

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Portsmouth and Exeter, NH–March 22, 2016–Open for a little more than 5 years, The Fabulous Find in Kittery has turned donated designer clothing and home décor into a fundraising juggernaut. With its latest monthly donation—Fab Findmore than $7,200 each to New Heights and the NH Theatre Project—The Fabulous Find has given away $774,983 to local nonprofits.

“We were started by a few women who had an idea for a different type of resale shop—something above the typical thrift shop, but not quite a consignment shop,” said Marcye Philbrook, board president and one of several founders. “We also resolved to beautifully display the merchandise and shoot for a better quality of item.”

The idea has worked, according to New Heights’ Janice Hastings, who said the entire staff was “shocked” when they received the check.

“We really could not believe it,” she said. “A dollar amount like that goes a long way toward meeting the needs of Seacoast youth.”

Founded in 1987, New Heights has evolved through the years as an organization in which youth primarily “hung out” in a teen center to one where they currently engage in workshops and programs that complement school curricula.

“New Heights provides a place where 5th through 12graders can discover, push themselves, and learn essential skills—communication, team-building, and problem solving,” Hastings added. “Our school year and summer programs are exceptional.”

As for how The Fabulous Find has been able to make such an impact, Philbrook cited the help of many volunteers as well as to how they built their business model.

“We partner with these non-profits in such a way that they do the marketing and promotion of their month to raise our sales and donations of goods—and hence, their profits,” she explained. “This keeps our costs low and gets great participation from our partnering non-profits.”

According to Philbrook, they give to many types of 501c3 non-profits in many industries, including environmental, educational, history, health, women, children, seniors, veterans, the arts, animals, food pantries, fuel assistance programs and others.

In looking to the future, she said she hopes to continue to spread the word to people who may not know about The Fabulous Find and to also encourage individuals to give back to the community. As far as Hastings is concerned, The Fabulous Find has emerged as one of the most important philanthropic leaders on the Seacoast.

“In a short time, they have made an incredible difference,” she said. “They make giving back fun and meaningful—I’m not sure there is a better business formula out there.”

To learn more about The Fabulous Find, visit www.thefabulousfind.org.

December 22nd, 2016

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Portsmouth, NH—March 21, 2016—Changing the time a race will be held is never an easy decision, but the organizers of the 7th Annual St. Paddy’s “April Fool’s” Five Miler felt was necessary this year.

St. Paddy's Five Miler in Portsmouth, NH“We had always held our race in mid-March around St. Patrick’s day, but we always tended to battle very wintry weather,” acknowledged Race Director Todd Hanson. “With that in mind we decided to push this year’s race back a couple weeks to increase the likelihood we would catch a break with Mother Nature.”

New Heights Executive Director Tracey Tucker agrees and said changing the timing of this year’s race enabled them to slightly re-envision its theme.

“We have added a fun April Fool’s Day theme to the race, which can only enhance the experience for participants,” she said. “This is a race anyone—fast runner or an entire family—can enjoy.”

According to New Heights’ Janice Hastings, the stakes for a successful are high, as net proceeds support programming and provide scholarships to kids with limited financial means.

“When you run for New Heights, you positively impact the lives of kids,” she added.

Noting the race committee is primarily composed of volunteers, Hanson said he believes this year’s lack of snow will motivate many to register in the final days leading up to the race on Sunday, April 3.

“Of course, we get a few inches of snow now,” he laughed. “However, we are in far better shape than in recent years. Pushing back the date was a smart move.”

Returning race sponsors are Paddy’s American Grille, Marshall’s Event Rental, Kennebunk Savings Bank, Datarisk, Whole Life Healthcare, Two International, Group, Tradeport Counseling, CGI Business Solutions, Kumon of Portsmouth, Underwood Engineers, Pierce Atwood, and Newmarket International.

The 7th Annual St. Paddy’s “April Fool’s” Five Miler will take place at 10:30 AM on Sunday, April 3, 2016 at Paddy’s American Grille at the Pease Tradeport in Portsmouth. Race perks include food, hot soups and beer to participants (age 21 & up).

Registration is $30. Race day registration will be available on site. Runners may register until April 2 at www.paddysfivemiler.com or call (603) 422-8235.

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December 21st, 2016

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golfpicHeld at the Portsmouth Country Club on Thursday, September 15, the 11th Annual New Heights Golf Tournament raised more than $21,000 to provide scholarships and support a wide variety of experiential programs for more than 1,100 area youth.

Founded in 1987, New Heights recently unveiled its school year programming, which includes an emphasis on STEAM. Whereas STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, the ‘A’ in STEAM refers to art. “Our programming has really excited the larger Seacoast community, including parents and sponsors,” said New Heights Executive Director Tracey Tucker. “This annual tournament is so important for us, because it supports the need to provide scholarships to ensure all youth have access to New Heights programs. It also allows us to constantly innovate our programs to best support our youth and families.”

Major sponsors for this year’s tournament included Lunch Sponsor Ocean Properties, Ltd., Beverage Cart Sponsor Eastern Bank, and Contest Sponsors Dauphin Law and Fishnet Media. Corporate sponsors included Ellis Insurance Agency, Lake Street Advisors, Ian Frederick (Financial Advisor with MassMutual of Northern New England), Mortgage Master, Prime Buchholz and Saltwater Creative Agency. Hole Sponsors were Avery Insurance, Guyton Group and The Friendly Toast/Goodwin Hospitality.

“We also had a number of in-kind sponsors and were again led by an incredible team of volunteer committee members,” added Tucker. “New Heights is very grateful for the continued support of the entire Seacoast community.”

To learn more about New Heights and its programs, visitwww.newheightsonline.org, or call (603) 422-8235.

December 21st, 2016

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Adventure programFor nearly 30 years, New Heights in Portsmouth and Exeter has made adventure one of its primary offerings in both its school and summer programs. More than simply taking participants on random excursions on hiking trails or on surfboards in the ocean, New Heights adventure programs place youth in situations where skills like leadership and teambuilding are actively developed and encouraged.

For Joanie Dickinson, whose son Drew has participated in overnight programs in which he canoed in the Adirondacks and backpacked in Utah, the programs are life-changing.

“New Heights is inspirational to children and their parents,” she said. “The New Heights programs and staff are consistent but also changing by being open minded and adding programs as need be.”

Tracey Tucker, longtime executive director at New Heights, said adventure programs “demand accountability from youth in supportive environments,” which she said is crucial to their emotional development.

“Research is very clear that well-designed adventure programs enable youth to experience risk in acceptable ways that can teach them life lessons they cannot learn in a class room setting,” she added.

In addition to helping youth develop leadership and teambuilding skills, Adventure Coordinator Sally Gregory said their staff design activities that help them overcome personal fears and hardships.

“Adventure programming can help kids reach their potential and build a sense of self-worth,” she said.

Current participant Drew Dickinson agrees with Gregory and added, “My favorite part about New Heights is to have the opportunity to go out of my comfort zone in a fun and encouraging atmosphere and push my limits comfortably. “I also love that I’m able to travel around the country and see sights like Arches National Park in Utah and hike and climb in areas I would have never had the chance to do before.”

Expressing excitement at the upcoming Summer Adventure Program, which features a High School ‘Surfin Safari’ trip in Cape Cod and a trip to the Adirondacks among other expeditions, Gregory said New Heights continually tries to “raise the bar.”

“We don’t rest on our laurels,” she said. “We are committed to each and every group of kids that come through here.”

The staff’s commitment is obvious even to the participants, according to Drew. “New Heights is awesome and worth giving a shot because it’s fun and the people running the programs are awesome and love to have fun,” he said. “By going to New Heights, you have the opportunity to do essentially whatever you like in a fun and encouraging setting.”

December 20th, 2016

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