“Parenting…In the Moment”

A Monthly Column for a New Generation of Parents

Youth in grades 5-12 face unprecedented challenges in today’s society – pressures that are influenced by the rapidly changing world in which we live. From the introduction of new technologies and social media, to the realities of a new economy, there’s never been a greater need to arm youth with critical life skills needed to successfully transition into adulthood.

As parents, it can be a struggle to keep up, to communicate, to stay connected, and to parent our kids in ways that will have a positive impact on our children right now, and long into the future.

Our Executive Director, Tracey Tucker, is a licensed mental health counselor at Tradeport Counseling Associates in Portsmouth, NH, and regular columnist for Parenting NH Magazine, a national award-winning magazine that was first published in 1993. Tracey’s column, Parenting …. In the Moment, addresses some of the most pressing issues, topics and concerns parents face today, providing proven tips and practical insights to help navigate the ever-changing world in which we live.

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