There are many possible reasons for your car’s keys not to work anymore. These reasons include wear and tear, faulty ignition, and duplication. Read on to discover the most common ones. You may be surprised! So what can you do to fix it? Follow these tips:

Wear and tear

Despite the fact that the car key is associated with the exterior car door locks, the actual internal mechanism inside the ignition is also an important part of the key. While not all car keys are damaged, they may be suffering from wear and tear. For example, your car key might not be working properly if you drop it, or if you’ve repeatedly pressed a button without success. In this case, you may want to contact an automotive locksmith in Macarthur as soon as possible.

While you might be tempted to replace the ignition, this can cost you hundreds of dollars. Thankfully, proper care and maintenance will prevent problems such as this from happening in the first place. While you may not be able to start your car if it has worn ignition keys, there are several steps you can take to extend their lifespan. Listed below are some ways to care for your car keys. Read on to find out the best solutions for your particular car.

Damage to the key fob

A misplaced or dropped key fob may have a short circuit or broken internal wiring. The best way to repair this issue is to get a professional repair service. These services are more likely to have the proper equipment and be covered by public liability insurance. While this problem may be minor, it can be dangerous. If you don’t know where to start, here are some helpful tips. You might have dropped your key fob in the parking lot, causing it to be misaligned.

First, you need to check for internal damage. Internal damage in the key fob can interfere with its communication with the receiver in your car. It can also be damaged due to improper use or age. Damage to these components can interfere with the communication and result in a faulty key fob. In addition, if your key fob was dropped into water, there is a possibility that the wiring could have become corroded.

Faulty ignition

If your car keys aren’t working, you may have a faulty ignition. A faulty ignition means that the wafers in the key are not falling into the correct position. In addition, the ignition may be too dry or stuck. A silicone-based lubricant can help you solve this issue. Make sure that you wipe off any excess fluid, then try your key again. If all else fails, call a locksmith.

When a car’s ignition fails, the car will not start. It may even crank slowly. Fortunately, this problem is not always permanent. In some cases, a faulty ignition is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. In other cases, a locksmith will have to fix the ignition before the car can run again. Fortunately, this problem is often easy to fix. You can check if your car’s ignition is faulty by turning the steering wheel back and forth a few times.

Duplication of keys

Duplication of car keys is a common mistake made by couples who use the same vehicle. Having a spare set of keys is beneficial for everyone as you can use the duplicate key to unlock the vehicle if the original one is locked inside. You can also store the duplicate key somewhere safe but accessible for you and your partner. If the car keys are not working, consider the following reasons why duplication might be the cause.

First of all, duplicated keys lose bits of information, so the new one won’t be the same as the original. If the duplicated key is badly copied, it may not be as effective. Secondly, a duplicated copy might not be as secure as the original one, which is why it’s a risky choice. And secondly, a duplicated key is less likely to work than a key cut to code.